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Customer Testimonials

  • Card from Jim
    Thank you for hooking me up and building my Shelby.  The car is better than I imagined.



  • Letter from Cindy and Jack Luce
    Thank you very much for taking care of our Corvette.  i was safe and sound in the rental car while the Corvette had the wheel completely replaced.  We have purchased several vehicles from Mock's and will continue to do so.  We will spread the word on how well you have taken care of our vehicles.  It is wonderful to live in a small town and get such great service

    Many Thanks,
    Cindy and Jack Luce


  • Review from Celia B.

    Portland, OR  5/14/2011

    I can only write this review based on their rental car services. But I can tell you that, thanks to Corky (I think that was his name, maybe Corgi?), if I ever were interested in purchasing a vehicle he may be the only person I can trust.

    Our car broke down on a road trip from Portland to Oakland, California. It was pretty much the worst possible situation. I had two valves that would not hold pressure. Re-Volvo west told me that it would take atleast two weeks to fix (which actually ended up being two months and EXTREMELY expensive....). We were on our to visit family in California for Dr. Andrew's BIRTHDAY and for labor day weekend. Well, it turns out we were going to have to spend four days in Grants Pass because there were no trains or buses out of Grants Pass.

    The local rental car places were NOT accommodating what soever. Honestly, no one in Grants Pass was that pleasant to deal with. Someone told us that we should try calling the local ford dealer because sometimes they rent out cars. We gave them a call, and luckily we got Corky on the other side.

    He helped us out and saved us! I am so appreciate of his effort and of Mock's Ford trying to work with us.

    Volvo west, brought us back to Mock's Ford, let us fill out some paper work, and we were able to get back onto the road. We rented the car for four days and when we returned the car, he even drove us a few miles to the greyhound station so that we could make it back up to Portland.

    I will never forget this man, as it is REALLY hard to find people who are willing to go out of their way to help you. He is trustworthy, and as I mentioned before, I would LOVE to give him my service. Mock's Ford is lucky to have him.

    I highly recommend this place!

  • Review from Randy R.

    Alameda, CA  8/18/2011

    Oddly, like the other reviewer we were on a road trip from Oakland to Portland when our car over heated. We found a great repair shop , but needed a rental car ASAP. No one else had a large car or mini-van available, but we were recommended to the local Ford dealership, Mocks, and not only did they have a mini-van, they also had great service too.

    Josh answered the phone and offered to come get us. He picked us up and helped us load all of our gear into the mini-van. He gave us a great deal and could not have been more helpful.

    5 stars to Mocks - thanks Josh.

  • Old VS New
    Dennis Christiansen's 1987 Ford Ranger has 453,000 miles on it and still going strong! He plans to keep driving it until he hits 500,000 miles, and then some - all while enjoying his new 2011 Ford Ranger 4X4 XLT. Way to go Dennis! This is truly a unique tale, and the family here at Mock’s is proud to share it.

  • 2003 Ford Thunderbird

    Hi Bill,

    We really like our T-Bird.  We are hoping to bring the truck over soon and pick up the hard top to get it out of your way.  Thank you for storing it until we get there.  Unfortunately we haven’t had too much sunshine to enjoy the convertible top but soon….we hope!

  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500


    Hope all is well.

    I am truly enjoying the Mustang.


    Dave Thomason



  • New 2012 Ford Mustang GT/CS
    Bill Shafer,
    This car is awesome in every way!!!!!  You were great to work with. Financing was quick and easy, and I got what I wanted. Thanks for the new ride!
    Kris Currier
    Have a Happy Day !!!

  • Little Ford Pick-Up
    Dear Angel,

      Thank you for calling and informing us of a nice little Ford Pick-up. I thought I wanted something else until I saw my new " Little Ranger ". I am so pleased with my new little truck al-though it has a few years on it, it is absolute perfection.

                                                                       Thank You Again!
                                                                         Lae & Bob Piper        

  • 2011 Ford RAPTOR Crew Cab
    Bill - well worth the wait, yes it is fast, and I have not taken it off-road yet.  I'll give you a report once I do.  Awesome ride!  Dave

  • Mark & Carol

    Purchasing our new truck has been a very positive experience. We thank you for your help in getting what Mark wanted. You deserve extra Kudos for your "Above & Beyond" effort to remedy a bad experience at another dealership. Your professionalism and low-key approach is appreciated.

    Mark & Carol Dickson

  • 2011 Ford RAPTOR Crew Cab
    Customer took delivery yesterday...will update soon.

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